Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are new techologies that have the potential to revolutionalize your business. Mindloops helps you using VR and AR sooner and be more effective, from assisting a running team to full-service solution development.


Mindloops provides the following VR/AR services:

Unity3D craftmanship

Unity3D is the most popular tool for developing VR/AR applications. At Mindloops, we care about quality and productivity. We support your team with additional freelance development by our C# Unity3D VR/AR programming experts. Our team consists of certified specialists, with over a decade of experience building challenging enterprise systems.

Additionally, we provide advanced craftmanship services on Unity3D projects. This considers full build and release automation, by connecting front-end and back-end/cloud parts of your project into one fully integrated workflow. This is further enhanced by providing Unity3D automated tests. Any member of your team can now build a new release on any change made in the system, and automated tests ensure that quality remains high, boosting productivity.

VR/AR concept development

Building Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications is challenging. Many lessons learned from traditional 2D rectangular interfaces no longer apply. Traditional story boarding and Powerpoint prototypes are no longer sufficient. Validating new ideas for VR/AR requires that you can see it for yourself.

We support your decision making process with our experience building effective VR/AR concepts. We can help by brainstorming on early ideas, set up key validation questions necessary to quickly assess if an idea is viable. Next, we develop a fully working prototype for you, complete with content, programming and a first experience to show key stake holders. This entire process can be done in a few days or weeks, allowing you to quickly go from a great idea to a successfull solution without a big up-front investment.


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